The Advantages of Invisalign: Invisible Braces for a Confident Smile

Deciding you want to straighten your teeth is one thing, but choosing which route you’ll take to get there can be the trickiest part when embarking on this new journey into cosmetic dentistry.

Out of a number of cosmetic dentistry treatments, we find Invisalign to be the most popular with our patients. Invisalign has many enticing benefits over other conventional treatments; we’ll share a few of them with you today.


Invisible appearance

With brackets and wires aplenty, conventional braces are known for their metal-mouthed look. While this is a small price to pay for a lifetime of straight teeth, the impact on your self-confidence in the meantime can be understandably daunting.

Invisalign uses practically invisible aligners to straighten your teeth, so no one else will even know they’re there. You can keep smiling away while they work their magic.


Comfortable to wear

The wires on traditional braces can cause temporary discomfort to your lips and cheeks. And in some instances, they can cause painful sores in the mouth.

Instead, Invisalign trays are made of smooth, high quality plastic (which can be recycled at your dental clinic), without extruding edges. And they’re completely custom-made to fit your teeth and mouth. This gives your orthodontist far more control over the aligning process, so they can gradually adjust your teeth with minimal discomfort throughout your orthodontic treatment.


Non-invasive scanning

In your initial appointment for traditional braces, it’s common practice to take putty moulds of your teeth. It’s definitely not the most comfortable process.

This isn’t required for Invisalign. Invisalign utilises the latest in 3D scanning technology and translates the scans into prints before creating your custom aligners. No impressions or unpleasant goo needed.



Keeping your mouth clean is an instrumental part of maintaining good dental health. Even with the best intentions, traditional braces are undeniably hard to clean, with food and plaque prone to getting stuck in the brackets.

Invisalign trays are removable, making it a lot easier. When you brush your teeth in the mornings and evenings, simply remove your trays. Then when you’re done, put them back in. The trays themselves can also be cleaned with a toothbrush to remove any build-up.

We recommend seeing a hygienist every 3 months throughout your orthodontic treatment with us.


A quicker process

Any kind of cosmetic dentistry entails multiple appointments, Invisalign included. But they’ll only be every four to six weeks, when other braces can require far more regular check-ups. Over the course of the treatment, it’s much less inconvenient and taxing on your schedule.

Plus, the appointments themselves will be more straightforward. While traditional braces can require lengthy, intrusive work on the wires, your aligners will have been created ahead of your visits, so you won’t need any extra dental work during your appointments.

And if your aligners are worn properly, your entire Invisalign journey should take between 6-18 months, depending on complexity. This can be significantly faster than traditional braces in most cases.


No food restrictions

You’ve likely heard stories of people breaking their braces by chewing apples or caramel, or completely avoiding certain foods for years on end. This isn’t a problem with Invisalign!

No need to exercise caution with anything too hard, chewy or sticky – you can eat exactly as you would usually. This is because you remove the Invisalign trays whenever you eat. Just be sure to rinse your mouth out with water after eating to stop food particles from getting stuck, and put your trays in straight afterwards.


Resolve dental issues

All the reasons for opting for any kind of orthodontic treatment apply for Invisalign. As they’re known as a form of cosmetic dentistry, it’s easy to assume it’s solely about self-image – but having an overbite, underbite or even slightly wonky teeth can cause a number of dental issues, from bad breath to tooth sensitivity. You’ll be surprised what a difference straighter teeth can make.


Prevent later problems

As well as solving any current issues, straightening your teeth can prevent dental issues later down the line – many of which can be quite serious. Dental diseases, sleep apnea and jaw ache are just a few of the problems that Invisalign can prevent.


Results worth smiling about

Now for the main pull… the new smile you’ll be flashing after you finish your treatment. The incredible results from Invisalign are all the motivation you need to get started. Perfecting your smile is one of the best ways to boost self-esteem and channel your inner confidence, without any insecurities holding you back.

Take a look at our patient testimonials to see the results for yourself!

Think Invisalign could be the cosmetic dentistry solution for you? Make an enquiry with The Row’s team of leading dental professionals.


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