Composite Bonding Cost: What To Expect

If you’re considering composite bonding, we recommend contacting our friendly team to discuss the ins and outs of the procedure. We’ll be able to answer all of your questions in an honest and open discussion. Remember, we’ve seen countless clients for various composite bonding treatments — every question is valid!

Still, to give you a brief overview of this popular dental treatment, we have created this introduction to the cost of composite bonding and what to expect when investing in your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

When people are considering dental options, cost is often the biggest ‘make or break’ factor on their minds. If you need a clear breakdown of the price of composite bonding and what’s included in our service at The Row Dental, we understand. Read on for the details.

Composite bonding — what is it?

Composite bonding is a dental procedure that uses a tooth-coloured filling material (a resin) to improve the appearance of your smile. Our clients choose it to fix a range of dental issues, such as cracks, gaps, chips, and discolouration. As it’s non-invasive, comfortable to undergo, and a relatively speedy procedure, it’s a popular treatment even amongst clients who would typically avoid unnecessary dental appointments.

By changing the shape of teeth with a material that’s colour matched to the shade of each tooth, our dentists can ensure your smile remains natural-looking. However, if you’re looking to achieve a dramatic change in your smile, this is still possible with composite bonding. You can choose how much you want to alter, making it a flexible treatment.

How much does composite bonding cost?

As with any cosmetic dentistry, the cost of composite bonding will vary depending on where you go and how dramatically you want to change the appearance of your teeth.

At The Row Dental, composite bonding costs £450 per unit (per tooth). A composite review and polishing appointment (which is necessary for proper upkeep) will cost £100 and we recommend one every 6 months.

You will need a cosmetic consultation before we can carry out the procedure which will cost £100 (this includes a full dental health assessment and X-rays).

If you’re concerned about the cost of composite bonding or want to compare the price to other similar treatments, give our team a call. One of our professionals will be happy to chat about the pros and cons of different treatments and advise you on how many teeth you might want to have the procedure performed on.

Is composite bonding worth the investment?

As composite bonding is a long-lasting treatment, many people are extremely happy with their investment. You have to take your smile with you every day, so ensuring any permanent changes are executed by the best professionals in the business is worth every penny. Some things are worth taking a risk on — but never your teeth.

With proper maintenance, you can expect your treatment to last for up to 5 years. Also, as composite bonding doesn’t involve the removal of any existing healthy tooth structure, your teeth will in no way be left ‘worse off’ in the long-term.

If you decide to go for this procedure, you will need to ensure that you commit to their upkeep. Otherwise they won’t look their best and your treatment won’t be as effective in the long-term. All that’s needed is regular brushing, flossing, and periodic polishing to maintain the appearance of the bonded teeth. If you want more details, we can chat to you about the specifics.

If you’re serious about changing the appearance of your smile and want the highest quality outcome possible without altering the natural tooth, it might be time for you to take this step. If you’re just looking for subtle, cost-effective ways to improve the general look of your teeth, you might want to try treatments like teeth whitening and dental hygiene first.

Composite bonding at The Row Dental

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