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A Lifelong Vision Realised

You’ll notice right away that The Row isn’t like other dental clinics you may have visited. (In fact, most people say it doesn’t feel like a clinic at all.)

But our little corner of Edinburgh is more than just a pretty place: It’s the realisation of a lifelong vision with beginnings in the most unexpected places.

The story of our principal dentist, Dr Slaine Ker’s lifelong passion for cosmetic and restorative dentistry, is already well-known.

When, at age nine, an accident at the swimming pool left her with a prominent gap in her smile, Slaine developed a fascination with the art and science of the experts working diligently to restore her smile and confidence.

Most young people around that age have no idea where life might take them, but Slaine knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps and provide the same life-changing care for others.

From years of study to working with trauma patients on the wards of Galway Hospital and later to London’s famous Harley Street, Slaine has remained true to her younger self—earning prestigious awards and a name as one of the UK’s leading cosmetic dentists in the process.

On The Row, Slaine has surrounded herself with a team of world-class clinicians—including top specialists in orthodontics, periodontics, and surgery—each of whom shares her mission to make outstanding dentistry accessible to all.

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